PRINCE2 Agile 2016
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Contents summary

This manual provides the definitive explanation of PRINCE2 Agile. AXELOS examinations relating to PRINCE2 Agile will be based on this manual.

PRINCE2 Agile comprises:

  • Part I Introduction and overviews What is PRINCE2 Agile? What is the rationale behind it? Who is it for? Overviews of PRINCE2 and agile in general. The fundamental concepts that PRINCE2 Agile is built upon. Understanding the project context and flexing what is delivered.
  • Part II PRINCE2 Agile guidance, tailoring and techniques Detailed information of how PRINCE2 Agile tailors the PRINCE2 principles, themes, processes, products and roles. What considerations need to be made when using agile, and what specific behaviours and techniques should be applied at any particular point.
  • Part III Areas of particular focus for PRINCE2 Agile Detailed guidance on specific areas that need to have prominence due to the nature of the agile way of working, along with discussion of specific techniques that can support this.
  • Appendices, glossary and index Further supporting information that may be required, including the relevant PRINCE2 product description outlines, general agile values and a PRINCE2 Agile health check. Also included are the PRINCE2 product-based planning example, transitioning to agile, advice to a project manager using agile, and the definitive guide to Scrum.
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