PRINCE2 Agile 2016
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Conventions used in this guide

PRINCE2 content

This publication includes text, tables and figures taken directly from PRINCE2 guidance (Managing Successful Projects with PRINCE2 and Directing Successful Projects with PRINCE2), with some minor amendments to accommodate the agile approach. This reproduced text is identified as having a light shaded background.


In addition to standard capitalization of proper nouns, names of PRINCE2 processes and themes are given upper-case initials in the text to distinguish them, along with particular recognized terms such as ‘Waterfall’ and ‘Lean’. Most other terms for roles, products etc. are treated as normal everyday nouns and have lower-case initials. The term ‘agile’ appears in lower case throughout this publication, unless it is linked to PRINCE2 (as in ‘PRINCE2 Agile’).

Glossary terms

Please note that certain terms are emboldened in the main text. This is to signify their inclusion in the glossary. They are emboldened on first mention only.

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