PRINCE2 Agile 2016
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20.2 Agile ways of working that may already exist

The agile way of working focuses very strongly on product delivery and the ‘management’ of product delivery. There is an abundance of agile concepts, behaviours and techniques that have been created for these, but it should be understood that these are two distinct things.

Approaches such as Scrum focus solely on Managing Product Delivery. However, with Scrum, it is easy to confuse ‘Managing Product Delivery’ with just ‘product delivery’. According to the Scrum Guide, Scrum does not contain any engineering or delivery practices so it could be said to ‘manage’ product delivery as opposed to ‘do’ product delivery. Equally some agile approaches could be said to be solely delivery practices (such as XP in the software/IT domain) as they have very little that could be described as management practices.

Care needs to be taken to identify agile concepts, behaviours and techniques correctly in terms of what function they perform. Are they delivery practices (sometimes referred to as development or engineering practices) that create products and sub-products, or do they exist at a level above this where they help to organize and control the delivery work? It is possible that they could be doing both.

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