PRINCE2 Agile 2016
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22.2 Agile ways of working that may already exist

It is possible in some agile environments that there are not many defined processes with respect to closing down a project, although mature agile environments will have these in place. This is primarily because:

  • Regular handovers (preferably carried out collaboratively) into operational use (or near operational use) reduce some of the need to formalize certain activities at the end, as they have become second nature (e.g. process reviews, updating operational documentation, getting sign-off/acceptance).
  • Ending a piece of work is often decided upon at the time (when added value has become marginal) as opposed to in advance, or when acceptance criteria become satisfied.

Due to the iterative and incremental nature of agile, the frequency of the delivery of product into operational use, and ease of delivery, are usually good indicators of the level of maturity of agile within an organization.

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