PRINCE2 Agile 2016
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23.2 Record products

Records are dynamic management products that maintain information regarding project progress. In Table 23.2, the numbered records refer to the numbers used in the PRINCE2 manual for the PRINCE2 management products (see also Table 16.2).

Records Overview of the tailoring required and further considerations

5. Configuration item records

These may need to cater for high degrees of change due to the regular iteration of products under configuration management. Operational stakeholders may wish to be involved or consulted with respect to this.

7. Daily log

The project manager can use this to store information, as there may be a lot of informal communications such as those taking place face-to-face.

12. Issue register

May be informal or low-tech (e.g. on a wall).

14. Lessons log

Continual process improvement is a prominent agile concept and therefore this may be very conspicuous – perhaps on the wall in a team room (or a virtual version of this). This may be used quickly to create working agreements and may take place during a retrospective.

23. Quality register

On some occasions this may be low-tech.

25. Risk register

May be informal or low-tech. May contain risks identified by the agile risk assessment (see Chapter 24).

Table 23.2 Tailoring record products

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