PRINCE2 Agile 2016
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24.1 Purpose

The purpose of this focus area is to describe how to assess the agile environment in order to tailor PRINCE2 in the most effective way. Every project situation is different in some form due to factors such as the level of trust between the customer and the supplier, the technology being used or the level of uncertainty. Therefore it is important to decide in advance how to address these advantages and disadvantages in order to run a project in the most effective way from an agile perspective.

In order to receive the most benefit from using a method or approach it is essential to adjust and adapt it to suit the context and conditions it is operating in. PRINCE2 is no exception to this rule and it provides a lot of guidance on how to tailor PRINCE2 for any project situation. The aim of the Agilometer is to provide further guidance (with respect to agile considerations) that will create a level of control and predictability, without becoming overly prescriptive.

Take the analogy of driving a car. A typical car provides a mode of transport and has many features to help make a journey in a safe manner (e.g. engine, lights, wipers); however, it still needs a driver to make decisions and use those features to control the car appropriately. On a regular car journey the route and the destination may not change but the conditions do. This is why a driver drives differently in snow and on ice compared with driving on a dry road on a sunny day. Importantly, assessing the conditions before the journey commences helps improve the chances of carrying out the journey in the safest and most effective way.

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