PRINCE2 Agile 2016
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A.14 Lessons log

A.14.1 Purpose

The lessons log is a project repository for lessons that apply to this project or future projects. Some lessons may originate from other projects and should be captured on the lessons log for input to the project’s strategies and plans. Some lessons may originate from within the project – where new experience (both good and bad) can be passed on to others via a lessons report.

A.14.2 Composition

For each entry in the lessons log, the following should be recorded:

  • Lesson type Defines the type of lesson being recorded:
    • Project – to be applied to this project
    • Corporate or programme – to be passed on to the corporate or programme management
    • Both project and corporate or programme management
  • Lesson detail The detail may include:
    • Event
    • Effect (e.g. positive/negative financial impact)
    • Causes/trigger
    • Whether there were any early-warning indicators
    • Recommendations
    • Whether it was previously identified as a risk (threat or opportunity)
  • Date logged The date on which the lesson was originally logged
  • Logged by The name of the person or team who raised the lesson
  • Priority In terms of the project’s chosen categories.
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