PRINCE2 Agile 2016
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A.18 Product status account

A.18.1 Purpose

The product status account provides information about the state of products within defined limits. The limits can vary. For example, the report could cover the entire project, a particular stage, a particular area of the project, or the history of a specific product. It is particularly useful if the project manager wishes to confirm the version number of products.

A.18.2 Composition

  • Report scope Describing the scope of the report (e.g. for the entire project, by stage, by product type, by supplier etc. The product’s attribute can be used to select the subset of products for the report)
  • Date produced The date the report was generated
  • Product status For each product within the scope of the report, the report may include:
    • Product identifier and title
    • Version
    • Status and date of status change
    • Product state
    • Owner
    • Copy-holders
    • Location
    • User(s)
    • Producer and date allocated to producer
    • Planned and actual date product description was baselined
    • Planned and actual date product was baselined
    • Planned date for the next baseline
    • List of related items
    • List of related issues (including changes pending and approved) and risks.
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