PRINCE2 Agile 2016
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3.3 When and where can I apply PRINCE2 Agile?

PRINCE2 Agile provides governance and project management controls that are suitable for some situations but not others as shown in Table 3.2.

Situation Description Suitability of PRINCE2 Agile

Agile is not used for projects, or is at a basic level

Either agile is not used for projects, or an agile way of working exists and is evolving with a limited level of maturity in terms of processes and behaviours (e.g. how formalized and documented they are and how predominant they are).

Suitable for organizations, departments and the individuals working within them.

Agile is used for BAU

An agile way of working exists for use with ongoing routine development of an existing product. Most, if not all, work is handled this way.

Not suitable for organizations and departments.

However, it is suitable to support and enhance this style of working (i.e. product delivery) in a project context, as some work may be better suited to being managed as a project. Additionally, it may help individuals’ career progression.

A mature level of agile is used for projects and BAU

An agile way of working exists that is taking place in a mature agile environment where processes are formalized and repeatable and agile behaviours are predominant.

Suitable for projects, but may be of limited use.

Could be of use to support information to enhance an existing body of knowledge.

Organizations, departments and individuals who are conversant with PRINCE2 Agile will be suitable for this situation as they will understand it quickly and integrate with it easily, albeit using different terminology.

Table 3.2 The situations for which PRINCE2 Agile is suitable

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