PRINCE2 Agile 2016
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Appendix G Advice for a project manager using agile

G.1 Collaboration and self-organization

G.2 Transparency, communication and exploration

G.3 Environment

G.4 Plan, monitor and control

PRINCE2 Agile has been created by a large team of contributors who all share a passion for project management in an agile context. Just for fun, the whole team were asked the following question:

What would you say to a relatively inexperienced project manager running a project in an agile context? What advice would you give them?

They were asked to express this as a user story in the form:

As <a project manager responsible for managing a project using agile>

I would <something you would do>

So that <some kind of benefit>

Their replies were as follows; we hope you find them useful.

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