PRINCE2 Agile 2016
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G.2 Transparency, communication and exploration

I would So that

Clearly communicate the product vision to my team

They know what they are building and why they are building it

Deliver something that users can use and relate to quickly

We get input from users in order to make sure we are on the right track

Ensure the whole team (customer and supplier) is involved in the process of defining and agreeing the project’s vision

The team is engaged and motivated to realize this vision from the start

Make sure that the project team has an MVP that is truly a ‘minimum’

The team can learn something useful as soon as possible (and then refine it)

Ensure that the senior stakeholders involved understand very well that some requirements WILL be dropped from the list (MoSCoW)

Their expectations can be managed from the start

Engage with and try to understand the project’s stakeholders

Misunderstandings are avoided, and support for the project is increased

Try to understand and communicate the project’s planned benefits, and whether anything threatens them

The team does not become too product-fixated and understands the ultimate purpose of the project

Ensure that the customer representative on the team is satisfied that their needs are being addressed

The output meets the customer’s needs

Ensure that the project team all attend a kick-off meeting to agree how the management approach will be ‘configured’ to meet the project requirements

The entire team understand how the project will be run and how agile behaviours and techniques will be integrated in order to achieve a successful outcome

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