PRINCE2 Agile 2016
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G.4 Plan, monitor and control

I would So that

Touch base with everyone in the project every day

I know whether they are happy

Focus on removing problems hindering the teams

They can get the work done

Make sure we hold frequent retrospectives

The team improves over time

Ensure that the project team understands and has agreed on ‘what to fix and what to flex’ (i.e. tolerances have been set for the six key aspects of the project)

The project can benefit from agile and thereby maximize the value delivered to the customer

Ensure that I understand the teams’ information radiators (visibility boards)

I can track progress without asking for additional reporting from the agile teams

Ensure that the project-level requirements are prioritized ASAP

In the heat of the project, when there are some issues, there is little discussion needed as to what needs to be dropped – everyone should see MoSCoW as a gain more than a pain

Use product-based planning

Expectations are aligned on deliverables

Link products/deliverables to benefits

The right work is prioritized

Ensure that I have agreed reporting metrics and frequency with the agile teams

I am confident that beneficial progress is being made and they understand why I need to know

Ensure I understood how they manage and measure rework

I know how much is ‘good’ and helps the solution to progress, and how much is due to mistakes, so that I can ensure that sprint plans make sufficient allowances for fixing defects

Synchronize across sprint start and end dates across multiple agile teams

Interfaces between teams’ systems can be adjusted in the following sprint

Ensure the agile teams are not continually deferring the ‘difficult work’ to later sprints

The integrity and benefits of the solution are not degraded

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