PRINCE2 Agile 2016
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11.1 The PRINCE2 approach to the Quality theme

The purpose of the Quality theme is to define and implement the means by which the project will verify products that are fit for purpose.

The Quality theme defines the PRINCE2 approach to ensuring that the project’s products:

  • Meet business expectations
  • Enable the desired benefits to be achieved subsequently.

The ‘product focus’ principle is central to PRINCE2’s approach to quality.

The specific treatment for quality in PRINCE2 is the focus on products from the outset, requiring systematic activities to:

  • Identify all the project’s products (i.e. to the level at which the project intends to exert control)
  • Define them in product descriptions – including the quality criteria by which they will be assessed; the quality methods to be used in designing, developing and accepting them; and the quality responsibilities of those involved
  • Implement and track the quality methods employed throughout the project.

The PRINCE2 approach to quality can be summarized simply by the quality audit trail depicted in Figure 11.1.

Figure 11.1 The quality audit trail

Figure 11.1 The quality audit trail

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