PRINCE2 Agile 2016
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11.4 Agile concepts and techniques

Examples of the definition of ‘done’ and behaviour-driven development (taken from Table 11.2) are given below.

Definition of ‘done’:

  • The user documentation is up to date.
  • The customer has seen the product demonstrated and is happy that it has met their acceptance criteria.
  • The product has been peer-reviewed.
  • The support team has been notified of when it will be released.
  • The product meets the organization’s accessibility standards.

The ‘given, when, then’ format used in BDD:

  • Given Some initial context (the givens):
    • given the account is in sufficient credit
    • and the card is valid
    • and the dispenser contains cash
  • When An event occurs:
    • when the customer requests cash
  • Then Ensure some outcomes:
    • then ensure the account is debited
    • and ensure cash is dispensed
    • and ensure the card is returned.

11.4.1 How to ...

Chapter and section references

Create a definition of ‘done’

Appendix H

Create a definition of ‘ready’

Section 25.6.1

Write acceptance criteria and user stories

Section 25.6.1

Identify outputs, outcomes and benefits

Section 9.4.2

Tailor any of the PRINCE2 management products

Chapter 23

Table 11.3 Relevant agile guidance for the Quality theme

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