PRINCE2 Agile 2016
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13.5 Risk theme summary

PRINCE2 places focus on the Risk theme, and with its alignment to Management of Risk (M_o_R) it brings a wide body of knowledge to this area offering many benefits to the agile way of working, such as with planning a risk strategy and managing risks throughout the project.

When using PRINCE2 Agile it is important to ensure that the behaviours, concepts, frameworks and techniques of agile are correctly in place as many elements of the agile way of working manage and mitigate risk by their very nature – for example, concepts such as working iteratively and incrementally, and techniques that help to prioritize the work.

The most important areas that help with managing risk in an agile context are the five behaviours in PRINCE2 Agile of transparency, collaboration, rich communication, self-organization and exploration (see section 7.4). If these are then complemented by appropriate planning and ongoing risk management (see section 13.1), it greatly increases the chances of completing a successful project.


A good project manager would prefer to be better at managing risk than fighting fires.

Quick check: Are risks getting identified during daily stand-up meetings?

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