PRINCE2 Agile 2016
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14.5 Change theme summary

Change will happen, and the combination of PRINCE2 and agile in this area typifies the marriage of these two. A project increases its chances of success if it can be responsive at the detail level (e.g. by flexing or trading detailed requirements) and remain in control at the higher levels (e.g. by ensuring that the business case is still viable at the end of a stage).

The processes for Starting up a Project and Initiating a Project also help to create an environment where change can happen, and be responded to, at the correct level and at the correct point in a project. Many projects are poorly started and this results in change happening due to the incorrect level of detail being defined. If there are too many detailed requirements during the pre-project stage, they are unlikely to have been understood correctly. Equally, a project could be in the initiation stage with only a few high-level requirements defined and important decisions being made that are not based on enough information.

Successful projects need to handle change easily, and with PRINCE2 ensuring that the wider project context is under control, many of the agile behaviours, concepts, frameworks and techniques such as prioritization, timeboxing, exploration and collaboration can play their part in embracing change and delivering the best possible solution for the customer.


The devil is in the detail – so expect it, allow for it and respond to it.

The customer will ask for changes, so do not let this come as a surprise.

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