PRINCE2 Agile 2016
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20.1 PRINCE2 guidance on Managing Product Delivery

The purpose of the Managing Product Delivery process is to control the link between the project manager and the team manager(s), by placing requirements on accepting, executing and delivering project work.

The role of the team manager(s) is to coordinate an area of work that will deliver one or more of the project’s products. They can be internal or external to the customer’s organization.

Figure 20.1 Overview of Managing Product Delivery

Figure 20.1 Overview of Managing Product Delivery

Managing Product Delivery views the project from the team manager’s perspective, while the Controlling a Stage process views it from the project manager’s perspective.

The team manager ensures that products are created and delivered by the team to the project by:

  • Accepting and checking authorized work packages from the project manager.
  • Ensuring that interfaces identified in the work package are maintained.
  • Ensuring that a team plan is created for the work packages being assigned (this may be done in parallel with the project manager creating the stage plan for the management stage).
  • Ensuring that the products are developed in accordance with any development method(s) specified in the work package.
  • Demonstrating that each product meets its quality criteria through the quality method(s) specified in the product description – this may include using the PRINCE2 quality review technique.
  • Obtaining approval for completed products from the authorities identified in the product description.
  • Delivering the products to the project manager in accordance with any procedures specified in the work package.

If the project uses external suppliers that are not using PRINCE2, Managing Product Delivery provides a statement of the required interface between the team manager and the PRINCE2 method being used in the project by the project manager. The work package may be part of a contractual agreement. Therefore, the formality of a team plan could vary from simply appending a schedule to the work package, to creating a fully formed plan that is presented in a similar style to a stage plan.

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