PRINCE2 Agile 2016
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A.4 Communication management strategy

A.4.1 Purpose

A communication management strategy contains a description of the means and frequency of communication to parties both internal and external to the project. It facilitates engagement with stakeholders through the establishment of a controlled and bi-directional flow of information.

A.4.2 Composition

  • Introduction States the purpose, objectives and scope, and identifies who is responsible for the strategy
  • Communication procedure A description of (or reference to) any communication methods to be used. Any variance from corporate or programme management standards should be highlighted, together with a justification for the variance
  • Tools and techniques Refers to any communication tools to be used, and any preference for techniques that may be used, for each step in the communication process
  • Records Definition of what communication records will be required and where they will be stored (for example, logging of external correspondence)
  • Reporting Describes any reports on the communication process that are to be produced, including their purpose, timing and recipients (for example, performance indicators)
  • Timing of communication activities States when formal communication activities are to be undertaken (for example, at the end of a stage) including performance audits of the communication methods
  • Roles and responsibilities Describes who will be responsible for what aspects of the communication process, including any corporate or programme management roles involved with communication
  • Stakeholder analysis:
    • Identification of the interested party (which may include accounts staff, user forum, internal audit, corporate or programme quality assurance, competitors etc.)
    • Current relationship
    • Desired relationship
    • Interfaces
    • Key messages
  • Information needs for each interested party:
    • Information required to be provided from the project
    • Information required to be provided to the project
    • Information provider and recipient
    • Frequency of communication
    • Means of communication
    • Format of the communication.
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