PRINCE2 Agile 2016
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A.10 Exception report

A.10.1 Purpose

An exception report is produced when a stage plan or project plan is forecast to exceed tolerance levels set. It is prepared by the project manager in order to inform the project board of the situation, and to offer options and recommendations for the way to proceed.

A.10.2 Composition

  • Exception title An overview of the exception being reported
  • Cause of the exception A description of the cause of a deviation from the current plan
  • Consequences of the deviation What the implications are if the deviation is not addressed for:
    • The project
    • Corporate or programme management
  • Options What are the options that are available to address the deviation and what would the effect of each option be on the business case, risks and tolerances?
  • Recommendation Of the available options, what is the recommendation, and why?
  • Lessons What can be learned from the exception, on this project or future projects?
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