PRINCE2 Agile 2016
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A.23 Quality register

A.23.1 Purpose

A quality register is used to summarize all the quality management activities that are planned or have taken place, and provides information for the end stage reports and end project report. Its purpose is to:

  • Issue a unique reference for each quality activity
  • Act as a pointer to the quality records for a product
  • Act as a summary of the number and type of quality activities undertaken.

A.23.2 Composition

For each entry in the quality register, the following should be recorded:

  • Quality identifier Provides a unique reference for every quality activity entered into the quality register. It will typically be a numeric or alpha-numeric value
  • Product identifier(s) Unique identifier(s) for the product(s) that the quality activity relates to
  • Product title(s) The name(s) by which the product(s) is known
  • Method The method employed for the quality activity (e.g. pilot, quality review, audit etc.)
  • Roles and responsibilities The person or team responsible for the quality management activities (e.g. auditor or, for quality reviews, presenter, reviewer(s), chair, administrator)
  • Dates Planned, forecast and actual dates for:
    • The quality activity
    • Sign-off that the quality activity is complete
  • Result The result of the quality activity. If a product fails a quality review, then any re-assessment should be listed as a separate entry in the register, as the original quality activity has been completed (in deciding that the result is a ‘fail’)
  • Quality records References to the quality inspection documentation, such as a test plan or the details of any actions required to correct errors and omissions of the products being inspected.
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