PRINCE2 Agile 2016
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5.2 The principles

The seven PRINCE2 principles are the guiding obligations for good practice that a project should follow if it is using PRINCE2. They are:

  • A PRINCE2 project has continued business justification.
  • PRINCE2 project teams learn from previous experience (lessons are sought, recorded and acted upon throughout the life of the project).
  • A PRINCE2 project has defined and agreed roles and responsibilities within an organization structure that engages the business, user and supplier stakeholder interests.
  • A PRINCE2 project is planned, monitored and controlled on a stage-by-stage basis (management by stages).

A PRINCE2 project has defined tolerances for each project objective to establish limits of delegated authority (management by exception).

  • A PRINCE2 project focuses on the definition and delivery of products, in particular their scope and quality requirements.
  • PRINCE2 is tailored to suit the project’s environment, size, complexity, importance, capability and risk.
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