PRINCE2 Agile 2016
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7.2 The general view of agile with respect to the PRINCE2 principles

Agile has a very strong focus on such things as principles. The Agile Manifesto and the agile frameworks and methods (see Appendix E) all promote a set of principles in some form, although the exact wording used to describe the fundamental mindset, attitudes and ethos does vary and includes or is sometimes replaced by such terms as ‘values’, ‘behaviours’ and ‘philosophy’.

PRINCE2 principles do not conflict with any of the agile principles. They are complementary to the agile way of working. Some of the PRINCE2 principles could be described as ‘very much agile’ such as continued business justification, learn from experience, focus on products and manage by exception – the latter being synonymous with giving people autonomy and empowerment.

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