PRINCE2 Agile 2016
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15.5 Progress theme summary

Progress on a project can be assessed in several ways and at several levels. PRINCE2 Agile monitors many areas of the project such as whether or not the business case will be met, or how many features have been delivered so far in a particular sprint.

When combining PRINCE2 and agile, the different levels of planning a project need to show progress in a form that is suitable for the audience looking at the information or looking to monitor and control the situation.

The most effective use of PRINCE2 and agile is achieved when progress is managed within an appropriate set of responsive and flexible tolerances that cover the six aspects of the PRINCE2 Agile hexagon (see Figure 6.1).


If progress is visible and transparent it goes a long way to making life easier. You get all the news (good or bad) quickly.

One of the principles of PRINCE2 is to manage by exception; therefore, to have transparency of how a project is progressing is an essential ingredient to help stay in control.

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