PRINCE2 Agile 2016
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26.2 Forms of communication

Communication can take place in many ways and can operate at many levels. An email could contain the start and end time for a meeting, and a conversation could involve strong views and emotions about an individual’s poor performance.

Communication can take on many forms such as data, information, knowledge and wisdom (the DIKW hierarchy), and it can be communicated in many ways, such as a document, a phone call, a video-conference or a face-to-face conversation. Further to this, it could be taking place between two people, or two groups of people or even several groups of people.

In order to achieve the most effective and productive communication possible on a project, it is vital to interact in the most appropriate way, at the most appropriate time and using the most appropriate method.

Communication is everywhere on a project. It could be said to be the oxygen that a project needs to survive.

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