PRINCE2 Agile 2016
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6.3 The rationale behind flexing what is being delivered

The rationale behind flexing what is being delivered is not straightforward and it can take time to understand the thinking behind it. It may even be the case that the theory is only understood when delivery is seen in practice. Either way, the need to understand this concept fully is essential for the correct use of PRINCE2 Agile.

The thinking behind being flexible with what is delivered is based around five targets, which when taken together provide a compelling case for moving to this way of working. These five targets are described in Table 6.2.

Target Description


Be on time and hit deadlines

Being on time and hitting deadlines has many very significant advantages.


Protect the level of quality

Ensuring that the level of quality is protected and regarded as vital is of paramount importance to a project. This will lead to a lower cost of ownership throughout the lifetime of the final product.


Embrace change

Embracing change by seeing it not only as inevitable but also as a positive influence on a project allows for a more accurate final product.


Keep teams stable: do not add people to a team in order to try to go faster

Keeping a team stable over the short term removes the temptation to add people to a team in order to catch up with work when in reality it is more likely to have little or no effect.


Accept that the customer does not need everything

Accepting the premise that not everything defined in the initial stages of a project must be delivered is wise. It inevitably turns out that many things do not add enough value to warrant delaying the project because of them.

Table 6.2 The five targets behind flexing what is delivered

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