PRINCE2 Agile 2016
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6.2 Why is there a need to work this way?

The Internet and the dramatic increase in the use of technology have created a paradigm shift in terms of how quickly people want things such as information and products.

These needs have created a shift over many years from the desire for completeness to the desire for timeliness. Projects and products do not exist in isolation. One example of this is where a company may be creating a product that is competing against several other similar products in a marketplace. In this situation, is it more important to have the best product in the marketplace or to produce the first product in the marketplace? In truth, both points are important, but the agile mindset is to deliver early, regularly and incrementally, thereby increasing customer confidence and reducing the risk of delivering the wrong thing.

This means that any approaches to project management that are Waterfall-based are not appropriate as they do not explicitly provide the mechanisms for flexing what is being delivered in a timeboxed way.

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