PRINCE2 Agile 2016
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Keith Richards

Keith is the founder and director of agilekrc, a company that has specialized in bringing the benefits of agile and Lean to organizations since the late 1990s.

Keith has more than 30 years’ experience in IT and project management. He was a trainer in PRINCE2 for nearly a decade and is an accredited PRINCE2 practitioner. He is also an accredited DSDM advanced practitioner and trainer, and an IAF-accredited facilitator.

In 2006 he became the technical director of the DSDM Consortium and in the following year led the team that created DSDM Atern, a project-focused agile framework. Specializing in the pioneering approach of combining agile with PRINCE2, he authored the book Agile Project Management: Running PRINCE2 projects with DSDM Atern (TSO, 2007).

In 2010 Keith was involved in the development of Agile Project Management (AgilePM), a ground-breaking new training course and agile qualification from APMG. He was presented with the ‘Most Valuable Agile Player’ award at the UK Agile Awards in 2011, in recognition of a decade of thought leadership, delivery and innovation.

In 2014 Keith was selected by AXELOS to be the lead author for PRINCE2 Agile, which involved an international collaboration of more than 40 people with wide-ranging experience from different backgrounds and across the whole spectrum of project management and agile.


Lawrence Cooper

Larry Cooper, BSc, MA, is a portfolio/project manager and strategic adviser in the public and private sectors in Canada and the USA, and holds close to 25 industry certifications in agile, project management and ITIL. He has contributed to books, magazines and industry-leading websites, and achieved the top ITIL download for his White Paper ‘Implementing ITIL using the PMBOK in Four Easy Steps’ on

Involved in the training industry since 2007, he has developed more than 30 courses on ITIL, project management, agile, and value management. He has been invited to speak at numerous conferences and symposia for the PMI, BAWorld and the itSMF. Most recently, he presented global webinars with BrightTalk on topics ranging from DevOps and ITSM, to the future of agile in organizations. Larry is an executive on the board of directors for PMI Ottawa and was AXELOS’s North American mentor for PRINCE2 Agile. Larry and Jen Stone are also authors of a White Paper for AXELOS entitled ‘Next Generation Agile’.

Advisers and collaborators

The author team had advice and guidance from many collaborators and thought leaders, including:

David J. Anderson, David J. Anderson & Associates; Brian Askew, independent business/IT management consultant; Gabrielle Benefield, Evolve Beyond; Robert Buttrick, Project Workout Ltd; Phillip de Caux, C&J Clark International Ltd; Joe French, Consonance Project Management; Carl Grice, Keynetix; Julie Hendry, Cow Consulting Ltd; Tom Holsøe, Kammeradvokaten; Liz Keogh, Lunivore; Matthew Perkins, Mars Inc.; Troy Plant, Davisbase Consulting; Rob Smith, IndigoBlue; Dave Snowden, Cognitive Edge; Jennifer Stone, BSSNexus Global Inc. (Canada, USA); Kelly Walters, P2A; Dave Watson, Mars Inc.; Geoff Watts, Inspect & Adapt Ltd; James Yoxall, Indigo Blue.

Thanks are also due for the support given by:

Maree Butler, agilekrc; Mike Cohn, Mountain Goat Software; Tom Gilb; David Hinde, Orgtopia; Jude Irvine, agilekrc; Dan North, independent consultant; Erik Petersen, Emprove; David Putman, Value Driven Software; Amy Richards, UCLH; Ranjit Sidhu, ChangeQuest.


Appreciation is due to the following for the time and effort put into reviewers’ drafts of the book:

Harminder Ahluwalia, SPOCE, Consulting 2U; Mike Burrows, David J Anderson & Associates Ltd; James Cannings, MMT Digital; Steven Deneir, be.Projectized; Jonas Högstrand, Metier; Dan Martland, Capita; Tim Matthew, Capita; Andy Murray, Outperform UK Ltd; Nader K Rad, Management Plaza; Darren Radford, Aspire; Scott Spence, CC Learning; Steve Tait, Capita; Dot Tudor, TCC Ltd.

AXELOS Ltd is grateful to everyone who has contributed to the development of this guidance and in particular would like to thank the following:

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