PRINCE2 Agile 2016
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Advisers and collaborators

The author team had advice and guidance from many collaborators and thought leaders, including:

David J. Anderson, David J. Anderson & Associates; Brian Askew, independent business/IT management consultant; Gabrielle Benefield, Evolve Beyond; Robert Buttrick, Project Workout Ltd; Phillip de Caux, C&J Clark International Ltd; Joe French, Consonance Project Management; Carl Grice, Keynetix; Julie Hendry, Cow Consulting Ltd; Tom Holsøe, Kammeradvokaten; Liz Keogh, Lunivore; Matthew Perkins, Mars Inc.; Troy Plant, Davisbase Consulting; Rob Smith, IndigoBlue; Dave Snowden, Cognitive Edge; Jennifer Stone, BSSNexus Global Inc. (Canada, USA); Kelly Walters, P2A; Dave Watson, Mars Inc.; Geoff Watts, Inspect & Adapt Ltd; James Yoxall, Indigo Blue.

Thanks are also due for the support given by:

Maree Butler, agilekrc; Mike Cohn, Mountain Goat Software; Tom Gilb; David Hinde, Orgtopia; Jude Irvine, agilekrc; Dan North, independent consultant; Erik Petersen, Emprove; David Putman, Value Driven Software; Amy Richards, UCLH; Ranjit Sidhu, ChangeQuest.

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