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18.3 PRINCE2 Agile guidance on Directing a Project

Although it is essential to use this process, it is vital to ensure that management by exception is operating effectively for the whole project management team as this creates an environment conducive to the agile way of working where people are empowered and self-organize.

In terms of progress reporting the project board should expect more emphasis to be placed on the amount being delivered, and the information flows may be regular, rich and informal. The project board may even attend reviews.

Decision-making could be further enhanced by attending key demos.

Decision-making may be based more on information pulled from the project as opposed to formally reported.

Some, or most, of the benefits are likely to be enabled or delivered during the project.

Corporate and programme management should understand the rationale behind agile and how it delivers products and benefits.

18.3.1 How to ...

There are many behaviours, concepts, frameworks and techniques that are used in agile and referenced throughout this manual. Table 18.1 provides cross-references to some of the most relevant for use during Directing a Project.

Chapter and section references

Use information radiators and pull information

Section 15.4.2

Be facilitative and collaborate

Sections 10.5.1, 26.4.1, 7.1

Empower the project manager and the teams

Section 7.2

Use tolerances when working in an agile way

Chapter 6

Communicate effectively

Chapter 26

Identify risks to the agile way of working with the Agilometer

Chapter 24

Assess value in relation to outputs and outcomes in an agile context

Section 9.4.1

Tailor any of the PRINCE2 management products

Chapter 23

Table 18.1 Relevant agile guidance for Directing a Project

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