PRINCE2 Agile 2016
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G.1 Collaboration and self-organization

I would So that

Trust the team to deliver

I am not getting in their way by checking up on them

Leave the team to get on with it

Their creativity is not stifled by an interfering boss

Trust the people who know best how to deliver the right solution

The (right) solution is delivered right

Ensure that the project board is very clear on what ‘empowered’ means

Team members will be supported and will not be overruled

Involve the team in release planning

I get an honest view of when we can make releases and what’s involved

Focus on having a stable team around me

We can harness the fact that teams are more innovative and effective than individuals

Insist that the customer has cleared their diary to guarantee their involvement (e.g. 3 days a week)

The risk of the customer not being available is largely removed

Ensure the agile delivery team is satisfied that the customer representative is fully engaged

The output meets the customer’s needs

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