PRINCE2 Agile 2016
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G.3 Environment

I would So that

Work with the team managers to ensure that the delivery team is having fun

People bond well, and the commitments that they make to their peers during an iteration are strengthened

Make sure that the team is trained up in Scrum

They have a good grounding in a core agile delivery method

Ensure I understood what flavour of agile is being proposed/used

I can tailor project planning, reporting and control to suit it

Be clear about the delivery process and methodology with stakeholders

I am setting expectations early around the delivery outputs (i.e. we will be working iteratively towards our destination)

Make sure that I have read The Lean Startup

I have a viewpoint on how projects running under ‘conditions of extreme uncertainty’ could be run and how PRINCE2 could support this

Hire a brilliant product owner and get them trained accordingly

The project has more chance of being successful

Ensure that the team is set up to make releases on demand (or as close to that as possible)

The technical infrastructure does not get in the way of delivering business value

Ensure that the entire team works in the same location as much as possible

A true team is formed working towards a common goal

Ensure that the project team is aware and understands the role of a ‘servant’ project manager

The team knows what to expect throughout the project in terms of the level of control versus coaching and support. This will help to ensure that delivery teams are empowered and collaborate, can be self-organizing (within the agreed tolerances) and are able to make rapid, informed decisions without unnecessary delay

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