PRINCE2 Agile 2016
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9.5 Business Case theme summary

The popularity of PRINCE2 has had a significant impact on many organizations in terms of getting business cases created for most projects. Many agile frameworks do not have the concept of a business case, whereas in PRINCE2 it is mandatory. This provides an essential element to ensure that the project has been started correctly. Having a business case is one thing, but writing a good business case is another. In PRINCE2 Agile the business needs to be flexible and written on the assumption that what is being delivered will change in order to maximize the expected benefits of the project.

The Business Case theme supports the continued justification for the project and therefore helps to clarify the big picture. This in turn enables the decision-making that is being made at the more detailed levels in order to have a clearly defined position in this wider context and not just where requirements exist in isolation.


For any situation that arises on a project, a key question (for anyone) to ask is ‘How does this affect the business case?’ This represents the bigger picture or, to put it another way, the main thing is to keep the business case as the main focus.

As outlined in section 9.4.2, the skill of crafting a well-written project product description and business case will always be needed. Amongst other things this is essential to ensure a project’s success but also to detect as quickly as possible if a project is no longer viable.

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