PRINCE2 Agile 2016
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13.2 The general view of agile with respect to the Risk theme

In general terms relatively less prominence is given to the area of risk in agile when compared with other areas such as planning and progress. Issues (often referred to as blockers or impediments) are explicitly addressed (e.g. during a stand-up meeting) but risks and the management of them are handled more implicitly. Agile, by the very nature of some of its concepts, mitigates many risks associated with other approaches (e.g. Waterfall) by preferring the detail to emerge later rather than sooner, and thereby reducing the impact of changes.

It could be said that risk management happens due to the responsive and proactive nature of the agile way of working, when the delivery teams are working to short delivery cycles and continually reacting to feedback and looking out for anything that will hinder progress. Further to this, the team approach to being aware of risks means that there is not usually a role accountable for managing it. In a mature agile environment this will exist and it will be clear who manages risk at the project level and at the delivery level.

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